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Manage Template Containers

As well as creating/copying templates, the Template Manager also allows site administrators (with the correct permissions) to set default modules within each template container and edit container functions (i.e. locking or unlocking the ability to add and remove modules in a container at page level).  Once saved, any changes to the template can be applied to all or a selection of pages with which it is associated.


Key Info: A minimum of Developer permissions is required in order to access and manage this Contegro function.  See Manage Administrator Accounts..


This section explains the task of managing template container functions:


1.Go to Contegro Start > Designer Tools and select Templates.
Contegro Start > Designer Tools > Templates

2.Within the Existing Templates section, locate and select the template you wish to edit.
Select template you wish to edit in the Existing Templates section

3.Within the Template Containers, locate the container you wish to edit and update container functions as required and click [Save].
Template Manager Container Functions

4.Within the Confirm Save dialogue, click [Save Template] to continue or [Cancel] to cancel save.
Confirm Save Dialogue

5.If [Save Template] is selected in step 5, a second window will open displaying a list of pages currently using the updated template.  Enable/disable tickboxes to select which pages you wish to update and click [Update Pages] button.
Select pages you wish to update and click [Update Pages]

6.Close the Templates window or manage modules at template level.


Template Container functions explainedTemplate Containers functions explained



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