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Mega Menu

Content / Editor


The Mega Menu control has been designed to enhance your site navigation and usability.  A mega menu reduces the amount of clicks and time spent searching on your site.


In this section:

Enable Mega Menu

Manage Mega Menu content


Enable Mega Menu

The first step in setting up the Mega Menu is to enable the control in the site settings.


1.Open the Contegro Start menu and select Administration > Site Settings > General.

Go to Contegro Start > Administration > Site Settings and select General

a.Scroll down to the site Functions, check the Mega Menus On box and click [Save].

Enable 'Mega Menu on' tickbox

2.Next, enable the Show Mega Menu tickbox in the Navigation module at template level.

a.Go to Contegro Start > Designer Tools and select Templates.

Contegro Start > Designer Tools > Templates

b.Select the template you wish to update (e.g. Home, 2Column, etc).

Select an existing template

c.Locate or add the Navigation module you will use to display the mega menu and click on the settings button.Module Settings button at template level

Open Navigation module settings at template level

d.Configure the Navigation module settings as follows and click [OK].

1.CSS Class Name = Set as required (check with your Web Design company, Contegro Partner or Reseller).

2.Is Slide Menu = Yes

3.Direction = Horizontal

4.Menu Type = Primary/Sub Navigation

5.Start Level = 1

6.Clickable Depth = 2

7.Number of Levels to Show = 2

8.Show Mega Menu = Yes


e.Click [Save].

Save changes at template level.

Manage modules in the Mega Menu container

When the Mega Menu control is enabled in the site settings, the Mega Menu tab is added to the page Attributes panel in the Editor.  Use the steps below to add modules your mega menu container.


1.Open the Contegro Start menu and select Content > Editor.

Open Editor

2.Double left click to open the page or right click and Open the top level page that you want to add the mega menu content to.

Open page

3.Open the Attributes panel.

Attributes Panel

4.To add modules to the Mega Menu container - click on the module dropdown and select a module.

Click on the Mega Menu tab and add modules to the Mega Menu container

5.Once all modules have been added, update the settings as required.

Edit module settings in Mega Menu container

6.When all changes are complete, click [Publish].


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