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Manage Member Subscriber Reports

The Member Account Manager offers advanced reporting functionality which allows you to create and export a full list of all your website member details, or a selection of records, from Contegro to an MS Excel spreadsheet.


1.Go to Contegro StartAccounts > Members and select Subscriber Report.
Contegro Start > Accounts > Member > Subscriber Report

2.Within the Report Criteria section, set the Group, Status, From and/or To fields as required and click [Report].
Subscriber Report Criteria

3.To manage fields displayed in the subscriber report, click the [Manage] button, enable/disable tickboxes within the Manage pop up and click [Save].
Click Manage button to enable/disable report fields

4.To export reports, generate a report (see step 2) and click the [Export] button.  Click [Open] or [Save] button to view or save the report in .xls format.

Note: Reports are exported to an .xls file. If you are running Microsoft Office 2007 or greater, the following error will occur. Click the [Yes] button to continue and open the exported report in MS Excel.
MS Excel 2007 Error