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Page Classes

Contegro gives you the ability to set class names for pages, as a way to differentiate them in page lists, category lists or when you're viewing the page.


To set up your page classes:


1.Go to Contegro > Administration > Lists > Values


2.You should have a group called "Page Classes". Add values to this group to create your page classes.

3.Once you have created your page classes, they will appear as tick boxes in the Content Editor, in the "Attributes" panel while editing a page.


4.If I tick the "Hero page" checkbox and publish my page, the page will have an extra class name in the <form> element which wraps the page.


Please note that the classname which is added is the list value that I created minus the space. So "Hero page" will create the classname "Heropage".


Also when my page appears in search results, page lists, or category lists, it's list item will have the classname which I set


Some uses for this could be...

Differentiating pages when they appear in lists or search results, to draw attention to your more important content

Making minor changes to the page layout for specific pages, without needing to create a new template



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