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The Publish function is available to all site administrators who belong to an admin group that has Publish permissions enabled.


The following site administrators will have the option to publish pages and menu items based on the site workflow configuration:

One Person Workflow - Writers

Two Person Workflow (Scenario One) - Writers

Two Person Workflow (Scenario Two) - Approvers

Three Person Workflow - Publishers


This section explains the task of publishing pages:


1.Go to Contegro StartContent and select Editor.

Tip: For quick access, use the Editor shortcut icon or double click on pages in the Approval Queue panel within the Notification Window on the desktop.


2.Within the Editor, position the mouse pointer over the item you wish to publish. Click the right mouse button and select Publish in the right-click menu to publish immediately or select Open to open the page and view page changes prior to selecting the Publish button.

Tip: For quick access, double click on the page in the site tree.

Key Info: Step 2 refers to the one person workflow scenario.  If your site uses the two person or three person workflow scenario, the Publish button will not be displayed until submitted changes have been approved.  Refer to Workflow Scenarios for more information.



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