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The Banner Random module is similar to the Banner module, except it has an added feature which enables you to display all multiple images uploaded to a single folder. All images in the selected folder will cycle based on predefined settings.


1.The Banner Random layout uses the HTML <div> Tag as a wrapping element.

2.The Banner Random module references user-defined images, there is no Contegro data to style. Usual CSS Properties to address would be external to the image itself, such as; margin, padding, border, background etc.

How to setup and manage this module? Use the Contegro Administration Console either at a Template or Page level to access settings for this module. For example, select whether images cycle on the page, whether images have a smooth or instant transition or apply an internal or external link.



Default Code


/* -----[ BANNER RANDOM ]--------------------------------------------------------------------- */


 .BannerRandom {

         position: relative;

         display: block;

         clear: both;

         margin: 0px 0px 0px 0px;

         padding: 0px;


 .BannerRandom img {

         display: block;



Contegro Demo Example


Image 1


Banner Random example


Image 2


Banner Random Example


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