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Real Estate > Agents

To access the agent profiles & testimonials, open the Contegro start menu and select Add-on Modules > Real Estate > Agents.

Open Real Estate > Agents



Agents can be imported automatically or added manually. The imported agent information are sometimes limited to the Agent Codes & Agent Names. With Contegro, the module lets you have more control on what information can be displayed for your agent profiles.


When an agent is imported from RealNZ, any incoming data will overwrite existing data in Contegro, except for Group, Featured, Status, Testimonials and Assistants. This applies for Active & Inactive agents.


Adding New Agent

Click the [ New Agent] button to manually add agent details.



Agent Details



Agent Code

Set the unique code for the agent. This info is usually imported from the real estate property stoftware.


First Name / Last Name

Write the First Name and Last Name of the agent


Phone / Fax / Mobile

Write the contact details of the agent


Email Address

Write the email address of the agent. This email will be used when an enquiry is sent to the agent.


Licence No

Write the license no. of the agent.


Profile Video URL

Enter the agent's profile video URL. This video will work with Youtube videos.


Use Low Resolution Video Thumbnail

Enable the "Use low resolution video thumbnail" option to show the alternate low-res thumbnail if they have uploaded a low resolution video.



Select the agent's profile image from the Image Manager



Enable this setting to feature the agent's profile. Custom styles for featured agents can be set using CSS.


Profile Text

Write the custom agent profile text.



Select the agent status on the page if it's Active, Inactive or Deleted.


Groupings can be enabled if there are options added in the List module.





This setting lets you associate an existing agent as an assistant to another agent.





Click [New Testimonial] to add a new client testimonial associated with the agent.



The testimonial info fields are Title, Suburb, and Text.




Select the Branch to associate an agent to a specific branch. You can assign multiple branches to an agent. This field is also imported from the feed




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