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Manage Real Estate Listings

Add-on Modules > Real Estate > Listings


To access your imported listings, go to the Contegro start menu and select Add-on Modules > Real Estate > Listings.

Open Real Estate > Listings

All listings imported into Contegro are displayed here:

Real Estate > Listings

By default all listings show when you first open the Listings tab. Use the filters to narrow your list.

Feature listings in presentation mode, edit open home details, set location pin on map.

Listings > Search/Filter


Listing Code

Enter the listing code to filter your list.

Missing Map Position

Turn filter on to show listings with no map location pin.

Featured Mode

Turn filter on to show featured listings (24/7 storefront only). This was renamed from Presentation Mode

Listings > Manage


1.Click on any listing to load the details in the Edit panel.


2.In the Edit panel:

a.Show/hide listings when in presentation mode (24/7 storefront only)

b.Add open home information or inspection detail dates

c.Set the map location pin by clicking [Pick Location on Map]



3. Click Save



Properties in the map view are shown in clusters, which displays a large number of markers on a map. 


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