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Move/Reorder Pages, Menu & 301 Redirects

Pages, menu items and 301 redirects can be moved and/or reordered within the site tree panel using drag & drop.  Drag & drop can be used to move and/or reorder single items in the site tree or an entire section (parent & child/ren).


1.Go to Contegro StartContent and select Editor.

Tip: For quick access, use the Editor shortcut icon on the desktop.


2.Within the site tree, hover over the page, menu item or 301 redirect you wish to move or reorder. Then drag-and-drop the item in a new location.

Tip:  Dragging and dropping between existing pages, menu items or 301 redirects will reorder pages.  Dragging and dropping over an existing page, menu item or 301 redirect will move the item into that section.  To cancel move, place item in original position.
Use drag and drop to reorder items in the Site TreeUse drag and drop to move items in the Site TreeSite Tree - Cancel Move


3.Moving a page from one section to another will prompt the Broken Links? dialogue window. Select Yes to create a 301 redirect or No to cancel the creation of a 301 redirect for this page.

Key Info:  While it is possible to move items in the site tree, it's important to understand the effect that this would have on other pages or websites that refer to it.  We recommend that you select Yes in the Broken Links dialogue pop up (see step 4 above) to avoid broken links. However, if you are sure that the page has not been linked to from any other source, you may select No to stop a 301 redirect being created.


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