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Revert Page & Menu Edits

The Revert Edits function is located in the right-click menu within the site tree panel.  This function is used to revert saved or submitted changes (within the Editor) back to the last live version.  Reverting edits within the Editor will not affect the live site.


Key Info: The Revert Edits option is only visible to the person who has edited the page or menu. This option is only visible once the page or menu has been saved or submitted. This option  is no longer visible when saved or submitted changes are published to the live site. To revert a page to a previous published revision, see Revisions.


1.Go to Contegro StartContent and select Editor.

Tip: For quick access, use the Editor shortcut icon on the desktop.


2.Within the Editor, position the mouse pointer over the page or menu. Click the right mouse button and select Revert Edits in the right-click menu to open the Revert Changes pop up.
Revert Edits

Note: The right-click menu options displayed in the Site Tree panel will vary depending on the group permissions associated to your admin account.


3.Within the Revert Changes pop up, select Yes to revert changes or No to cancel request.

Note: Reverting edits will not affect the live site.


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