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Default Files for v4

For Contegro Version 4 environments, all the default files required to get you started with Design Integration are located in one folder. This folder will be named with the Folder Name that was typed when the new site was created. By downloading this folder to your local drive, you will be able to update existing template files, create new template files, update existing CSS and locate default image and button files.


To download default files:


1.Locate your FTP Details provided to you by Contegro

2.Within your FTP program, locate the Data folder - which contains all the files you need to get you started
A - Templates - contains ASCX files, images such as buttons, logos and backgrounds
B - StyleSheets - contains CSS files for core and Add-on modules
C - Content files for Documents, Flash, Images and other Media are for any files that are NOT required in your templates.

You may be only given access to your site folder, rather than the root of the Contegro environment.


3.Save down all the default files found within the site folder name via FTP.


In the example below, I would save down the whole TrainingWeb Folder


 Review Default v4 Files


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