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Sample Pages

The purpose of the sample pages is to display all Core modules for the standard installation of <%CONTEGRO V4.0.0%>. This will allow you to check the layout and style of Templates and modules and ensure that functionality is set up correctly.


The sample pages include core modules, such as the Category List, Search and Search Results, and Sitemap set to the A-Z layout. For styling purposes, add other core modules to your pages if you need to, such as; Enquiry form, Member Registration or Login Forms, Banner modules or any Add-on Modules.


Clients may not initially intend to use every Core Module, but it is recommended to provide a style for all Core Modules at the time the website is initially established to efficiently anticipate future expansion and requirements.




Home Page showing 2 Navigation modules Simple Search, and Category List modules.




Style guide page with a Content module showing default font styles, 2 Navigation modules (configured to Horizontal Drop-Down and Vertical Static), Breadcrumb and other core modules.




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