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Contegro sites have an in-built full text search module that your visitors can use to locate relevant information on your site.  The search module can be setup to perform a site-wide search or restricted to searching within a specific content group only (e.g. Search Products).

Search field example

1.To add a search module - open your web page in the Editor and add a Search module.
To manage an existing search module - go to step 2.

Add Search module

2.Open the module settings.

Open Search module settings

3.Update settings and click [OK].

Search Module settings

Custom Title

Add a custom title to your search form (optional).


TIP: Set a default title in the search global settings.

Intro Text

Add intro text to your search form (optional).


Tip: Set default text in the search global settings.

Keyword Field

Manage the Keyword Search field:

Keyword field

Checkbox - Tick the checkbox to add a 'Keyword' search field to your search form.

Label - Set the field label (e.g. Keyword, Search Site, Search Products, How can we help?, etc).

Show Inline - Tick the checkbox  to display an inline label.

Show Inline (On)

Search Form - Keyword Field Inline Label

Show Inline (Off)

Search Form 'Inline Label' disabled

Search Method

Manage the Search method:

Keyword field

Checkbox - Tick the checkbox to add a 'Results Contain' field to your search form.

Label - Set the field label.

All Words / Any Words - Select the default search method.

Results Contain field

Alphabetic Search Links

Manage the alphabetic search field.

Checkbox - Tick the checkbox to add the search by title option to your search form.

Label - Set the field label.

Results Target Page

Set the search results target page.

The page you select must contain a Search Results module.


TIP: Set a global default target page in the global Search module settings.

Search Button Image

Select a custom search button (optional).


NOTE: Custom buttons need to be uploaded to the Contegro Image Manager beforehand.

Category Behaviour

Set the behaviour when using category search filters to any or all.

Include In Search

Select all content that should be included when performing a site search. This is ideal when you want to limit the search within a specific section of your site (e.g. Search Products).

HTML Content or pages

Document Manager documents

Blog comments

Blog topics

Blog discussions

Product Catalogue products

Events Calendar events

Store Locator stores

Image Gallery images

Document Library documents

Podcast videos/audio files


To add category filters, click 'Expand' where available and:

Set the Starting Category or leave as 'Root Level' to search in all categories.

Set the Advanced Search to one of the following:

oCategory Tree

oDrop Down Filters
Note: Every top level category that is selected will be displayed as separate drop down list.

Label - Set the category filter label (e.g. Filter by:)


Note: The Image Gallery module has a specific search filter for locating images by orientation (i.e. portrait, landscape or square).



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