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1.This file is used for the Search Simple, Search, Search Results Modules.

2.By default, the Search Results Module will use the List styles from DefaultTheme.css.

3.The Search Results can also use the Default List styles, so as mentioned above, hiding or showing items is controlled within the Contegro Administration. This means that any Administrator can hide or show items (such as Author, Thumbnail, Item Date and Keywords) on an individual page basis. In previous versions of Contegro, styles were used to display certain elements. Full Text Searching has also been introduced, which allows for searching of files that have been uploaded to the website.

4.The search results show icons depending on the type of file that is listed. A new class has been introduced for the icon:

/* ListIcon */

.SearchResults .ListIcon {


5.Do not change class names. Alter attributes as required. Prefix with Container ID to apply style to individual containers. The changes you make will override DefaultTheme.css.



Default Images


button_go Templates/_images/button_go.gif

button_search Templates/_images/button_search.gif








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