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Digital Channel - Quick Setup Guide

New channels can be setup quickly and easily in the Digital Signage manager.

Digital Signage Setup > Settings

Add a new location for your new digital channel (Add-on Modules > Digital Signage > Settings / Locations tab).

Do you require an info bar? - If yes, follow these steps:

(i)   Create a 'Digital Signage' member group & account (used to login to the info bar portal)

(ii)  Setup info bar module in the Editor

(ii)  Add info bar portal to your new location

Do the default screen sizes match your on-site digital channel screen/s? If not, add new screen sizes so you can preview slides at the correct resolution.

Create your digital channel content using the default templates.

See also - create digital signage templates.

Group your slides into playlists.

Did you assign a schedule to your new location in step 1? If not, add your playlists or slides to the weekly scheduler.

If you are creating a channel on behalf of a client, store/branch manager, etc they will require access to Contegro to edit digital channel content.


KEY INFO: Assign digital signage administrators to the 'Digital Signage' admin group only. This group excludes access to the 'Digital Signage > Settings' tab.

Digital Signage Player/App Setup - Access the Location API Details in the Reports admin page.

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