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Site Specific 301 Redirects

Contegro understands that creating individual 301 redirects in the Editor may not always be suitable if you are making changes on a large scale.


Key Info: To manage site specific 301 redirects outside of the Editor, you will need FTP access. Please contact your Contegro Product Specialist if you require this information.


If a site uses the Contegro v4 file structure (where its templates, stylesheets, etc are inside the /data/ folder), Contegro will look for a 301Redirects.config file in /data/<site>/301Redirects.config. If it doesn't find the file, it will look for /301Redirects.config.


If a site uses the old Contegro file structure (where templates and stylesheets, etc are NOT inside the /data/ folder) , Contegro will look for a 301Redirects.config file in its documents folder first, if it doesn't find that it'll look for /301Redirects.config.


If a site has its own 301Redirects.config file, Contegro will completely ignore 301Redirects.config file in the root folder.


Note: The location of the 301Redirects.config is cached, so if you change where it is, you may need to restart the site's process pool in IIS before your site will pay attention to the new location.

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