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Target Pages

Set the global target page for core and add-on modules. For example, the target page for the Search Simple module will be the webpage where the Search Results module resides.


Key Info: Please refer to the site and add-on module setup guides for more information on configuring target pages.


This section explains the task of managing target pages:


1.Go to Contegro Start > Administration and select Target Pages.
Contegro Start > Administration > Target Pages

2.Click the [New] button to open the Target Page pop up.

3.Within the Target Page pop up, select a module from the Module drop down, enter a brief description and click on the dotted [Browse] button to select the target page.  Ensure that the correct site is selected in the Site drop down and click [Save].  Repeat as required.
The saved target page will be used by the selected module (if no target page is set in the module settings at page or template level).
Target Pages

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