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Template Design & Implementation

This section - Template Design and Implementation - is the crucial to any Contegro website project.


We recommended that your Design Visuals area realistic interpretation of how the final website would look showing all the functionality available so that you can effectively complete Template Integration. To do this, you should be very familiar with Contegro’s Modules and their various settings and also have a good grasp of website usability so that your design is user-friendly, functional and informative.


We suggest that the default site provides default templates and CSS styles as a “starting point” to the endless possibilities of designing a website on the Contegro platform. Any parameters are stated for your reference; otherwise you can take as much artistic licence (with any Module, embedded graphics and CSS) that you require to produce professional and very functional websites.


Template Design Expectations


For a simple site, you may only need the Home and an inner template such as the 2Column template provided in the Default Site, but for a more complex site, your design may require a template for each main section. You will need to complete the Template Design process for each template required.


This section covers

Design Visuals


ASCX Templates

Mapping Design Visuals

Mapping Modules

Global Module Functionality

CSS Files

Supplementary Requirements


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