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Mapping Containers to Templates

Once you have completing Pre-planning for your Design Visuals, you can use your HTML Editor to add/remove any required containers that you need for each template.


1.Map the modules from your design visuals into the template using the Templates manager.Within your HTML Editor, choose a template to address and open the corresponding ASCX file.

1.You will see default HTML that gives the default site its structure using DIV's that are styled using CSS.

2.Map Contegro Container ID's marked on your design visual by using the default code as a base.


3.Update the Contegro container code currently there and remove or add Containers as required.

4.Add extra wrapping DIV’s to achieve your design in CSS. Refer to the Template.css topic.

5.Once you have finished adding Containers and Design DIV's, FTP the file to the server and see the result in the Templates manager. Opening a Template within the Template Manager will automatically show any changes that have been made (by adding additional Contegro Containers) which will also be replicated throughout existing pages using the same template.
(Remember to refresh your browser so that any new changes are reflected if you were previous looking at your template).
Mapping - Template Manager

Once you are familiar with the default Contegro code and you are confident with your CSS skills, you can change the ID’s for Contegro Containers and the surrounding Design DIV’s to suit your own practices.



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