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Remember that the default template files provided are just to get you started. Once you are familiar with these and you are confident with your own CSS skills, you can change container ID’s (introduced below) you suit your own practices.

It’s recommended to clarify any design elements and intended functionality that are unclear at this pre-planning stage. Every design element on your Design Visuals should be mapped to a Contegro Module. However, if something is unconfirmed, you can add a module in later either individually on the page, or as a global change through the Templates.


1.Referring to your design visual on screen or on a printout, draw lines and rectangles to represent the parameters for Containers and Modules.
Pre Planning

2.Mark in Container ID’s (in White below) and Module names (in blue below) for each template required. Our default files use ID’s such as cT for Container Top and cF for Container Footer. Templates can encompass an unlimited number of Containers and each Container may contain unlimited number of Modules.



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