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Manage Images

Contegro's Image Manager is used to store and manage images for use on your website.  Site administrators with permissions to manage images can create and delete image folders to store image files, upload images and remove images that are no longer required.


The 'Optimise on Upload' function is ideal for optimising images (i.e. reducing file and image size) on upload.


This section explains the task of managing images in the Image Manager:


1.Go to Contegro Start > Content > Files and select Images.
Contegro Image Manager

Tip: For quick access, use the Images shortcut icon on the desktop.


2.To view images, select an existing image folder in the image folder tree.
Select Image Folder to view images

3.Select an image to view its properties (URL, width, height, DPI, etc) in the Properties panel (above the Preview pane).
Select image to view properties

4.To delete images, select the image and click the [Delete] button.
Image Delete button

5.Select [OK] button within the Confirm Delete dialogue to confirm deletion.
Confirm Delete

Note: Any webpages containing deleted images will display an error (red X) in place of the image until it is removed from the page via the Content editor.  To delete an image within the content editor, open page, locate  content module and click [Edit Content] button Edit Content Button, left click on the image and hit [Delete] on your keyboard.


6.To upload images, select an existing image folder and click the [Upload] button.Upload Images


Tip: Images can also be uploaded via the Editor.


7.Within the Multi Image Upload dialogue, click the [Browse] button to locate and select an image(s) on your harddrive.  If you wish to optimise images on upload, enable tickbox and set the maximum width and height. If images are already optimised for web, disable tickbox. Click [OK] button to upload images.  
Multi Image Upload Dialogue

Tip: Use the [Delete] button Remove Image Button to remove selected images in the Files field prior to upload.

Key Info: The image upload notification window will appear below the preview pane. If the '.[FileName] file size too big' or '.[FileType] not supported' error occurs during upload, please check your site settings.
Image Upload Notification - Image file size too bigImage Upload Notification - BMP file not supported

Note: The [Browse] button will fade when you have reached the maximum amount of concurrent uploads.  To change the maximum concurrent uploads, see Site Settings.



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