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Contegro® Voting Poll

This section covers administration tasks relating to the management of your Voting Poll campaigns.  The help topics have been divided into two groups to help you find the most relevant information relating to the task you are carrying out.


Getting Started:

Manage Vote Campaigns

Manage Voting Answers


View Campaign Reports

Manage module settings


The Contegro Voting Poll add-on module is a tool for conducting market research and single-question surveys to engage your website viewers by giving them a chance to ‘have their say’. In return, you will gather a consensus of valuable opinions and encourage repeat website traffic through viewer interactivity.


The Voting Poll manager includes graphic reporting; providing a full breakdown of votes as a bar or pie graph.

Suitable Applications

Coincide with external marketing campaigns

Rate media, video and music

Single-question surveys

Industry related market research

General consensus opinion polls


To find out more contact your Contegro Product Specialist.

Voting Poll Overview

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