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How to draw a website map

How to draw a website map

Author -  Allan Kent

If you're using a professional website company, this will be one of the key things they will discuss with you at the project's commencement as it forms the foundation on which they'll build the site. 

We believe however that the best results occur when the client has already spent the time planning their own site map. This will often change based advice and suggestions from the website professionals, but your input, as a specialist in your industry and the one who stands to gain most from an effective website, will be given higher prominence. 

So, you've got the ideas in your head, or on a bit of paper – how do you turn that into something electronic that can easily be edited and worked on? There are many drawing tools available, but to be honest, most of them are not that easy to use unless you use them on a regular basis. 

We've found an excellent piece of software that really will help you with your site maps. Incidentally, they're great for organisational charts too!

Check out Write Maps. You need to register to use, but this takes literally just a few seconds and is mainly to give you an account you can save your maps to.

There are absolutely no fees involved with using it which is always a plus point! I'm not a technical person at all, but after just a few minutes playing around (and that was without reading any help files) I'd say I'd pretty much mastered it.

What I like is that it gives you 2 ways of showing the same chart depending on the style you prefer;  

map view

Outline View.jpg

 outline view


Standard Map View.jpg


The only issue I did find was that  in Internet Explore 8 the map view had a few styling issues. In Firefox it worked perfectly.

There are bound to be other free tools available and we'd love to hear from you if you know of one that you really like, or your feedback on this one we've found. Good luck with those site maps!

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