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Top Real Estate Agencies are snapping up the
new innovation in real estate marketing
- will you join them?

Do you wish you could better engage passer-by traffic? Need something new to give you the competitive edge with attracting vendors? Are you missing opportunities with customers visiting your business after hours?

As featured in the NZ Herald, Stuff.co.nz and NZ Business, there’s a new way to stand out in the crowded marketplace. We’ve developed NZ’s best touch-screen storefront, which essentially turns your front window into interactive touch screen for marketing your real estate business 24 / 7.

Customer experience will go through the roof with the value touch-screen technology adds:

It’s an attention grabber - it will stop passer-by traffic!

It’s a memorable and user-friendly experience your customers won’t forget!

Customers can send themselves links of the homes they’re interested in and make enquiries

Processes are automated, meaning you don’t have to do a thing once it’s installed - we’ll supply a direct feed of your listings from your internal software or via Trademe

You’ll get a detailed report of what your customers were looking for, when, which streets and other helpful search criteria, helpful for further marketing effort

It provides an interactive and customised experience, with customers able to search for exactly what they want, rather than just watching irrelevant, pre-determined listings scroll past on a screen

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What can the touch-screen window show?

  • LJHooker-3.jpgYour real estate listings, which has a thumbnail view of all your listings.
  • A filter control, so customers can filter results by their defined criteria.
  • Listing details, including multiple images of the property, the listing agent/s details, driving instructions, the ability to email the listing to their phone or send an email enquiry to the agent.
  • Video content, such as house walk-throughs
  • A list of agents, along with a bio, testimonials and their current listings
  • More about your agency and why vendors should list their property with you
  • Presentation mode - a screen saver to promote special offers and featured listings when the screen is not in use.


24/7 Real Estate is fully measurable


You will know the impact you’re having, and what your return on investment is. You’ll be able to obtain full monthly reports on customer usage, and get in-depth analysis on your customers ‘search’ behaviours, such as:

  • What listings were viewed and when
  • The average number of listings viewed
  • The average time spent using the touch screen
  • Most popular suburbs, price range, room, bathroom and garage configurations
  • Number of enquiries sent to agents
  • Number of listings emailed


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24/7 Real Estate
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24/7 Real Estrate
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