The Digital Communications Channel solved a real problem for us: how do you tell 100-odd staff something? We did some employee research and the staff said they wanted more communication and to be kept more in the loop - but how? That’s the hard part.

We used to have to do an email out to all branches and people at those branches would print it out and put it on the noticeboard but that’s a time-consuming challenge in itself. It’s much easier to write a quick blurb and put it on screen to go out to all branches from one central location. I would absolutely say there has been a lift in staff engagement from this channel.

Communicating to a bigger company is difficult and this is a new way to streamline that and bring communication into the digital age. Vaughans ahead of his time with this product. Its been a good experience for us.

Kurtis AndrewsKeith Andrews Trucks


Keith Andrews

Internal Communication Channel

An Internal Communication Channel was created for our client in their nationwide locations. Each TV screen can show different, customized and up-to-date content for both staff and customers which includes the latest Health and Safety requirements, staff notifications, marketing and much more. Our client has direct access to update their own content using Contegro's Digital Signage Add-on Module.


Case Study // How do you communicate something to 100-odd staff?

Case Study // How do you communicate something to 100-odd staff?

Date: Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Keith Andrews Trucks were excited to install the Digital Communication Channel when they realised ...

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