The Omni-Channel Platform

World Leading Content Management System (CMS)

Contegro is setting a new standard in Website CMS by enabling organisations to adopt an Omni-channel marketing strategy from one central platform. Contegro is one of only a handful of products worldwide that centralises the management of content across all four primary digital touch points – Website, Digital Signage, Touch Screens and Mobile Apps.

Contegro CMS

The one platform – total solution approach streamlines the way marketing teams manage their marketing and communication strategy across all their digital touch points. Content is uploaded to one central location (e.g. your website) and published to all of your primary digital touch points at the click of a button.

Developed by Labyrinth Solutions in New Zealand, its revolutionary interface and intuitive design makes it easy to use and hugely functional across multiple touchpoints.

Here’s why Contegro is preferred by marketing people in New Zealand and overseas:

Omni-channel marketing from one central platform

Contegro enables you to position your website at the heart of an omni-channel marketing strategy. This means your website will allow you to deliver centralised content easily across current and future digital touch points and manage your digital strategy from one platform.

Seamless brand experience

Contegro works seamlessly across multiple channels to give your customers a successful and enhanced brand experience, no matter the online/offline mix: mobile applications, interactive kiosks, digital signage and next generation technology.

Intuitive Interface

Contegro is one of the most easy to use CMS available. Because of its familiar “Windows style” interface, you’ll find changing and managing your web content a breeze.

Power over your content

Contegro gives you the control. The power to make changes and update content is back in your hands. It’s easy and you don’t need your technical staff on board to make it happen. Manage and change content to suit your evolving digital strategy. Contegro has a recognisable, user-friendly Windows-style interface to make every move intuitive.

Multi-tasking just got easier!

Contegro’s unique multi-tasking functionality lets you get so much more done at once. A feature often overlooked in other CMS, Contegro allows you to open different windows and complete tasks simultaneously. 

Future-proof your website

Be ready for next generation technology. Contegro keeps current with trends, provides continuous updates and supports an omni-channel marketing approach. It keeps your site evolving and future-proof. 

Grow as your business grows

Contegro offers scalability so if your business changes or grows, your digital strategy can too. Simply add new features and practical add-on modules to create new business opportunities and reach new markets.

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