Download BrochureThe Contegro® Announcement module has wide-reaching appeal and offers an efficient way of keeping your website viewers informed. You can be sure that news is not missed, as announcements are ‘pushed’ to your viewers in a pop-up window.

Display a range of information from important ‘must-see’ news and events to general announcements. Using the module in this way saves you time by eliminating the need to create a full page for a small amount of content.

This module has controlled access for member groups, so different information can be shown to the public and also your member segments.


Key Features

Full HTML Editor & Image Support
Content within your announcement is entirely flexible! Simply create an announcement by adding text, images and links with the full HTML editor.

Chronological Display
A date picker helps with scheduling and display. This makes administrating effortless and also logical for your viewers.

Email Announcements
You can send an email alert to website members when the announcement is first added or edited. Group-level permissions can be applied to control viewing for website members such as; trade, suppliers and customers.

Smart Announcements
When viewers access your website (on a page where the module is situated), all announcements will appear in a pop-up message window. A ‘Hide this announcement’ tick box, allows viewers to permanently hide messages once they have read them and continue to navigate through your website.

Suitable Applications

  • Clubs & Associations
  • Schools
  • Portals
  • Franchises
  • Software Updates
  • Training Courses
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