Document Library Module

Download BrochureContegro’s® Document Library module is vital for businesses that require online management of a large number of documents. To ensure customers find the right document, clear categorization has been made the top priority together with various searching and navigation features. Packed full of functionality, this module will enhance your website by centralizing your documents.

The Document Library module can manage hundreds and thousands of files as there is no limit to the number of categories that can be created for hierarchal grouping. Documents can belong to multiple categories - perfect for businesses that have multiple facets to their business structure, or technical documents that belong to similar products.

Conveniently, the module allows results to display a variety of detail combinations, such as; file-type icon, title, author, code, keywords, date, summary and unlimited custom data.


Key Features

Efficient Multiple Uploading
Contegro’s® Document Library allows you to upload multiple documents at one time, providing increased productivity when working with large numbers of documents.

Convenient Import
Functionality For publishing existing documents, resources and files, this module utilizes an efficient import routine. It works by uploading and extracting a Zip file containing all documents into the database in one fluid process.

Smart Listing & Tagging Options
Lists showing your latest or most popular documents can be added to any website page to ensure maximum exposure. Lists can be ordered by ‘tags’. When your visitors view a page with a common tag; highlighted articles, products and images (for example) will dynamically show – irrespective of their categories or site tree location.

Controlled Access
Member level permissions can be assigned to both individual documents and categories resulting in an ‘cascading’ permission effect. Controlled access to documents and categories can apply to any member types, such as; suppliers or customers etc.

Image Association
Images can be assigned to both categories and documents to give your viewers an effective visual representation of your documents and files.

Immediate Reporting
Find out who is downloading documents and when! The in-built reporting function shows full reports online and also provides export capability, so you can import reports directly into your customer management application.

Intuitive Site-wide Searching
This module integrates into Contegro’s® Search module with features such as an alphabetical A to Z selector, ‘Auto Complete’ keyword tool, a ‘Did you Mean’ prompt and ‘Tabbed’ layout for search results. Results are ordered by ‘relevancy’, which you can adjust for your site.

Suitable applications

  • User guides, technical manuals, documents and files
  • Centralised soft-copy resources
  • Secure access for suppliers and customers
  • Reference libraries
  • Investor Relations resources: financials, presentations and governance etc

This Module will be designed to suit your website. The example shown is indicative only.

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