E-Card Module

Download BrochureThe exponential growth of website traffic generated through viral marketing is a tried and proven fact. Contegro’s E-Card module is the perfect tool to promote viral marketing and attract visitors to your website by offering a free online service that can be tailored to suit boundless occasions.

Individually branded and designed E-Cards will directly benefit your business by promoting special occasions, unique business situations and seasonal festivities – such as Christmas, birthdays and baby announcements – the potential is endless!

One main driver in a website’s success is establishing ‘traffic generation’ – or the ability to produce quality traffic from; search engines, referrals and repeat visitors. The E-Card Module tackles this requirement head-on by providing a simple marketing strategy to encourage website visitors to pass your branded messages onto friends. This creates a network of new business possibilities.

Contegro Brochure Ecard

Website viewers select from a catalogue of pre-designed E-Cards, then personalise and send it – via your website – to another person. When the E-Card is opened, the recipient is looking at your website and offerings. It’s a free service to your website viewers and it’s a marketing agency’s dream!

Key Features

Category Grouping

E-Cards can be categorised into various groups, such as; business products, celebrations or events. For example; Birthday’s, Christmas, Easter.

Individually Customisable Templates

Multiple branded E-Card designs and layouts can be created in HTML and added to individual E-Cards and category groups.

One to Many Recipients

Your website visitors can specify multiple recipients for their E-Card.

Automatic Notifications

The E-Card recipient is sent an email with a link to view their E-Card brandishing your company logo. The E-Card sender is sent an email of the time and date the E-Card was opened and read.


A detailed reporting function, records how many E-Cards have been sent and which messages and images are being selected.

Suitable applications

  • E-Commerce Gifts & Souvenir Websites
  • Online Photo & Art Galleries
  • The Tourism Industry
  • Charity and Non Profit Organisations
  • Concerts and Seminars


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