Voting Poll Module

Download BrochureThe Contegro® Voting Poll module is a tool for conducting market research and single-question surveys to engage your website viewers by giving them a chance to ‘have their say’. In return, you will gather a consensus of valuable opinions and encourage repeat website traffic through viewer interactivity.

The Voting Poll module surveys your website viewers and allows them to easily submit their opinions on questions and topics that you want an answer for. Combinations of question and answer possibilities are only limited by your imagination! Simply compose a single question with relevant answers your viewers can select from. General consensus answers can be as simple as ‘yes’ or ‘no’ whilst more complex answers can help market research in your industry. Viewers can instantly see their vote in either percentage or individual counts. Customary graphic reporting in Contegro’s administration console will show you the full breakdown of votes in bar or pie graph.


Key Features

Unlimited and Automated

Managing Voting Poll campaigns through Contegro® is enjoyable and intriguing, you can run the same campaign, or run individual campaigns throughout your website simultaneously. Integral functionality allows you to automate publishing times to seamlessly coincide with an external marketing campaign by specifying a ‘start’ and ‘end’ date for each Voting Poll.

Instant Results

Contegro® allows two flexible voting options to viewers; Multi Select - for gathering various or complex answers - or Single Select - for obtaining simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers. Results are revealed instantly and can be shown as percentages or counted votes, or hidden for sensitive information. Voting options are restricted to one vote per Voting Poll campaign, per website browser session.

Graphic Reporting

The Voting Poll module offers graphic reporting functionality that provides an in-depth view of each individual Voting Poll. The resulting displays are a choice of bar or pie charts and visually shows the breakdown of votes made. Filtering options allow you to isolate reports by date range.

Suitable applications

  • Coincide with external marketing campaigns
  • Rate media, video and music
  • Single-question surveys
  • Industry related market research
  • General consensus opinion polls
  • Investor Relations shareholder census
  • Opinion polls


This Module will be designed to suit your website. The example shown is indicative only.

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